Our team conducts training for pilots of all levels.
The following programs are currently available:

First jump course


If you have less than 200 jumps with parachute, but you haven’t tried wingsuit and have always dreamt about it – GET A MOVE ON! We are waiting for you.

We will give you a professional briefing and:
– Tell you what wingsuit is and how it flies;
– Show the correct pose of flying and work out on a role model of your first jump;
– Tell you how to open canopy correctly and safely.

After the theoretical information we will do a few jumps with you to work out the stages:
– Installation of wingsuit;
– Equipment check;
– Leaving the aircraft;
– The flight itself with the implementation of basic maneuvers;
– Parachute opening and safe landing.

All the stages of your study will be video recorded with further explanation.
The course includes 4 obligatory jumps.

– Theoretical course – 14 euro;
– Each jump – 51 euro +cost of your jump.

Total cost with no rejumps – 218 euro + cost of your jumps.

Individual course


We will teach you based on your preferences.
Tasks for each jumps will be discussed individually and depend on your experience.

We will help you to learn all basic elements of wingsuit flying such as:
– Backfly;
– Grips;
– Group work;
– Different types of leaving the aircraft.

And advanced level element:
– Back to belly and belly to back transitions;
– Rolls;
– Carving and etc.

Each jump – 51 euro +cost of your jump.
All day (no limit jumps) – 98 euro + cost of each jump of the coach and yours.

Coaching Wingsuit Acrobatics teams


This course is totally individually discussed and depends on plans and performance of the team.
We will provide all possible assistance in making you a real team and raise your skills to a level that allows you to perform at competitions of all levels, including national championships and world championships.

We will teach you:
– to separate from the aircraft in the grip;
– constantly monitor your position relatively to the partner;
– correctly and technically carry out all the elements of the dive pool of the obligatory program;
– to create a free round program based on your experience and skills.

We have developed our special program to teach you all these necessary components.
The program allows you to thoroughly analyze your jumps, plan your training process based on your strengths and weaknesses, see detailed statistics on each of your jumps and monitor progress.

The program contains a huge database of jumps of most teams from around the world, which will help you to visually control at what level you are at this stage relatively to the leaders of the discipline.

Price – individual

Course in INDOOR WINGSUIT TUNNEL in Stockholm, Sweden


Once a month we organize coaching events in INDOOR WINGSUIT TUNNEL in Stockholm, Sweden.
You may join us, contact our team members.

Flying in a tunnel allows you to raise your level of piloting a wingsuit as efficiently and quickly as possible.
These flights are useful both for beginners who have no piloting experience, and experienced pilots who are eager to raise their level even higher.

Flight cost:

Initial course: includes 30 minutes of flight time and will allow the student to learn how to feel safe in the tunnel and get the initial skills of flying on his belly.
The cost of the initial course is 5980 SEK, including the instructor’s fees.

The main course: during this course, the student can work out more complex elements, being in a tunnel with an instructor, or make an independent flight, performing the elements for which he received an approval from an instructor.
The cost of the main course – 8550 SEK per flight hour, taking into account the work of the instructor.

There are special offers at lower prices, which can be found on the website of the tunnel.